20` Subsea HD Basket

 The worlds first subsea basket, especially designed for ROV intervention. Its high weight, and good perforation allows for work in adverse weather. 

 The A-frame with its unique chain collector will save operational time and the twin doors will maintain a good HSE record for personnel entering the basket. This basket is designed to meet most standards viable for the north-sea industry. 

The single lift point will ease crane connection subsea since it will always be above seabed hence it will preserve a good visibility. With the smart positioning of the ROV grabber bars it is easy to position the ROV for deploy and recover of equipment to the basket. The baskets steel structure also allows for other means than just the basket function: It can be used as a clump weight or as a foundation for launching other tools. 


Center Pole Basket

Center Pole Basket 2,5m x 2,5m with lid (center pole and lid can be removed)

Centerpole can be removed upon request, where the lifting point option then will be 4 X 4,75 Te welded PadEyes (1 in each corner) 

Standard basket is delivered with lid on one side of centerpole, which can be locked in open (requires centerpole) or close position with ROV 

Due to the outer dimensions of 2500mm X 2500mm, it can easily be mobilized anywhere since there then is no requirements for “Wide Load” transport on roads 


Pallet Basket

Pallet Basket 80 x 120 x 90 - WLL 1,0Te


Pallet Basket

Pallet Basket 110 x 150 x 120 - WLL1,5 Te