Revolutionary cleaning of pot water

Revolutionary cleaning of pot water

Saga Subsea is proud to announce that on behalf of - and in collaboration with AS Plastron, we are able to add a new product into our portfolio and assist vessel owners operating worldwide to remove toxic chemicals from their pot-water. Thus meaning flush-water dumping in Port will not be effected by Marpol regulations. Oxyl-Pro Clean is a product which efficiently remove and prevents bio-film from growing in freshwater systems, and remove viruses, growth and bacteria's such as Legionella. 

 As we now add the product Oxyl-Pro Clean into our portfolio, to have on storage in strategic positions like Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and Limassol, Cyprus - vessel owners are able to reduce their costs dramatically when disinfecting their pot-water, leaving NO toxic connections in the system as chlorine is no longer necessary, and the process of the cleaning is made easier, and much more secure.

 With the Hydrosense tests, Legionella Field Test Kit, you are able to commence Legionella testing easily on your own systems, and get the results within 25 minutes.

 For more information or sales, please contact our representatives:

 Anne Eline Bratland
Technical Sales Engineer
Mob: +47 905 34 406

 Espen Lindvik
Senior Vessel Agent
Mob: +47 902 70 827 


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