Project completion for Solstad Offshore ASA.

July 2019 Saga Subsea was awarded a contract by Solstad Offshore ASA, to support a maritime operation and environmental project to be commenced July and August 2019.


Using the services and set-up of Saga Subsea, where you combine different departments in the company to fit the purpose of a maritime operation is a work method used by us that contribute to vessel owners being more competitive on their projects.

For this project, engineering was combined with tooling and equipment rental together with our human resource department. Our Agency department worked in between it all, identifying and gathering minor but crucial items required for the operation. Together making a perfect match tying together the operation between Solstad Offshore ASA as vessel owner and contractor/charterer and their separate deliveries.

Saga Subsea first attended the planning face of the project, where our engineering department completed a mobilization plan for the vessel. Our engineering dep. then assisted contractor with installation procedures and task plans for the subsea operations to be commenced deploying and installing environmental sensors down to a waterdepth of around 2 500 msw.  

The mobilization was jointly coordinated by Solstad Offshore ASA, Contractor and Saga Subsea, where Saga attended with personnel who also attended the offshore project. During the commencement of the project, Saga Subsea attended with Shift Supervisors to coordinate between all involved parties and Deckhands for equipment handling. With regards to project equipment required, parts of this was delivered from our rental ToolPool, and minor but important deliveries identified along the planning such as shackles, lift slings and similar consumables was delivered by our agency dep. 

This was a very important project for Saga Subsea, not just because of the delivery itself, but to show and highlight the strength of Saga when combining our services and departments into a larger project package.

We are grateful for the contract awarded us by Solstad Offshore ASA, and appreciate that they value our services and trust us to attend such projects for us to be able to show our full potential. 

Kjell Værøy