Choosing Saga Subsea to be your vessel Agent in Norway, Las Palmas or Limassol as our prime locations, or hub Agent for other location means so much more then just getting an owners agent for your vessel berthing. This means that you have a complete vessel support organization in your back, able to commence and conduct a great variety of vessel support services including organization of technical maintenance, complete mobilization scopes, steel structures design and manufacturing, consumables and lots more.


One of the biggest advantages by using Saga is due to our extensive experience with marine and subsea operations. We know what is expected not only from the contractors and the vessel owners, but also from the End Clients such as Oil and Energy Companies. Taking ownership to each and every project, not only do we reduce administration and contribute to cost reductions for our Clients, we make them more competitive. It is a proven fact, that the cost of using Saga Subsea for these types of services could be considered an investment rather then a cost, as our ultimate goal is that the result of our work shall contribute to our Clients being more competitive and win more jobs.

As this news it written, we have just completed a vessel piracy hardening job in Las Palmas. As this job came along in the very last minute, our guys had to sail with the vessel to West Africa to complete the job underway. Highly qualified and certified operators makes us able to this, and assist the vessel all the way to the end for them to reach the job as planned.

Just as this job finished, we started the production of two steel frame units in Las Palmas. Following up to the last nut is tightened, one of the units is currently being mobilized onboard a Rig newly berthed in Las Palmas, while the boat-lander is being welded onto the vessel as this news is being written. 

As these steel jobs are ongoing, we are onboard both the Rig and the Vessel assisting them with a wide range of other service, preparing them both for their next project to be commenced when they are ready to leave the Port.

In the meantime, a larger package of tooling is being loaded onboard a vessel in Limassol, Cyprus. Saga Subsea have sourced and delivered project rental equipment as the vessel is headed out over the weekend, commencing a project for one of the larger regional Energy Companies in the East Mediterranean. 

More and more vessel owners and contractors now experience the benefits of being received and serviced by Saga Subsea upon their berthing in foreign ports. Markets are changing, and so do vessel operations and Clients expectations. One of Saga`s strengths is that in addition to offering the services as we do, we attend operations offshore and know what is expected. We see the changes in the markets and operations and we adapt to them, to be able to fully assist our Clients in being more competitive.

“In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”

— Charles Darwin

Einar Tollaksvik