Blue Robotics Blue ROV 2

Ocean research, exploration, and adventure are all made easily accessible by the BlueROV2. It provides the capabilities of a high-end commercial mini-ROV. The smooth, stable, and highly maneuverable ROV is comprised of six thrusters, a rugged frame, and quick-swappable batteries. Powerful but dimmable lights provide excellent illumination for the live HD video feed.

BlueROV2 is produced with high-quality parts, meticulous design, and rugged reliability with proven success in the field. Equipped with six powerful T200 thrusters and Basic ESCs, the BlueROV2 has the best thrust-to-weight ratio in its class to perform demanding tasks. It is ideal for operations in shallow to moderate waters, with a standard 100m depth rating and up to 300m tether lengths available.

The BlueROV2 uses the open-source ArduSub software and PixHawk autopilot to provide autonomous capabilities rarely seen in mini-ROVs and hackability paralleled by none. Blue Robotics actively develops and updates its software to enhance the BlueROV2’s functionality.

The BlueROV2 can be rented without or with highly skilled Saga Subsea ROV pilots.

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