Saga Subsea’s HSEQ philosophy

Since our company’s main source of income is based upon sub-contractor services and human resources, all of our staff or/and hired personnel has an obligation to familiarize themselves with our internal and clients HSEQ standards and procedures.

On all our working sites, we will respect our clients by ensuring a good working environment, have a high level of safety and environmental awareness and do our best to achieve first class results.

The quality of our work, in all projects we are involved in, is based upon five core values:

  •  Work Safe and pursue the goal of zero harm to people, environment and assets

  • Excellent Customer Service and respect our clients by:

    • Taking Initiative

    • Show responsibility in our work

    • Achieve first class results

    • Respect our co-workers and their inequalities

    • Be honest

  • Respect legal statutes, human ethic and culture in the region we are working

  • Be curious, learn more and increase our knowledge

  • Be Happy



HSEQ Manager

E-mail: siv.grethe@sagasubsea.no
Phone: +47 916 64 180