Tooling Rental


We are a one stop shop for tooling and equipment

We provide tooling rental to all the major subsea contractors on the NCS, and have an extensive catalogue of subsea tooling to service all subsea installation projects.

Saga Subsea will also provide tooling from other vendors, providing a complete package of equipment for mobilizations, at highly competitive prices.

We are a one stop shop for tooling and equipment, allowing our clients to focus on operational challenges, rather than «shopping for nuts and bolts».



Tecnical Sales Engineer

Phone: +47 905 34 406


ROV Tooling

Hydraulic Tooling

Hole Saws and Center Drills

*Hole Saws and Center Drills can be purchased upon request

*Drilling Tool can be fitted with a various of sizes regarding hole saw and drills

For technical specifications, please request at:

SAGA drillingtool.jpg

Cleaning tool

For technical specifications, please request at:

Cleaning tool

For technical specifications, please request at:




Silvertip Shark Tool Camera

The Silvertip is a small, user friendly camera, with high quality colour video and up to 90˚ angle of view. With duplex steel housing capable of depths of 6,000msw. This camera is fitted with a wide angle lens and utilizes a high quality camera module, that is fitted with 15 high intensity LED's for great scene illumination.

DAY RATE: Upon Request

Waterjet cleaning

Gas sampler

Gas Sampler.png

Gas Sampler

DAY RATE: Upon Request

*Sampler bottles are purchased upon request

For technical specifications or datasheets, please contact:

Stinger ROV Drill Tool.jpg

Stinger ROV Drill Tool

Dayrate: Upon Request

Portable hydraulically operated drillng tool

Features: 10-130mm holesaw

For technical specifications or datasheets, please contact:

Mini rov

vLBV ROV System.jpg

vLBV ROV System

With powerfull vectorised thruster system, our vLBV ROV system is a good option for in- and offshore inspection.

Also available for the system: Blueview Realtime Sonar

DAY RATE: Upon Request

LBV 200-5 Rov System.jpg

LBV 200-5 Rov System

Our LBV 200-5, is a light class Obs Rov system capable of commencing Rov inspection work down to 200msw.

Proven to commence high quality inspection on offshore platforms

DAY RATE: Upon Request




DAY RATE: Upon Request

Used daily by firefighters, entreprenours, ships and vessels

*Diameter: 20cm

*Weight: 7,2 KG

*Delivered with requested length funnels

EX Ventilators


DAY RATE: Upon Request

Our RAMFAN EX ventilators, is special designed to lead fresh air, into explosive and hazardous areas. The ventilator can be the different between life and death, in emergency situations. UB20XX is small, compact and extremely robust and has an enormous capacity with its turbo blade technology. Among hand carried ventilators, these ventilators made in an antistatic polyethylene, has no competitors in the marked today.

  • Weight: only 10 kg! ATEX-approval: II 2 G EEx de IIB T6

  • Made for outdoor use, IP68

  • 10 m power lead with Ex-approved terminal IEC309 240V EEx de

  • Motor: 245W 240V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz

  • Antistatisc fleksibel funnels in various length

  • Airflow: 1666 m3/t (free air)


EX Ventilators.jpg

Subsea Pump.jpg

Subsea Pump

DAY RATE: Upon Request

*To be used for many purposes, but mainly used for installation of suction anchors offshore

*Capacity: 60m3/t against 10bar (1 000 l/min on 100 mvs)

* Hydraulic: 138,9 ltr/min with 210 bar motor

*RPM: 3 300


We can provide our clients with a variety of clumpweights from 150-30 000 KG, included in our ToolPool today

Certified Clumpweights, can also be made up to clients specifications, either for rental or sale